International Congress

What is it?

The International Academic Congress will gather scientists, academics, professors, students, engineers, and engineering-related professionals in order to know and discuss on the latest advances of the discipline worldwide.

This event will be organized by the Engineering Faculty of Universidad de Antioquia and will be attended by important domestic and international lecturers, focused on four topics: energy, infrastructure, vital engineering, and 4.0 technologies.

People interested in participating in the event are welcomed to send their articles to be disclosed orally -in person or virtually- or as a poster. This is a unique opportunity to gather scientific, academic, governmental and industrial sector communities holding interest in knowing advances and perspectives of engineering worldwide, to present results, to interchange ideas, and to establish relationships with their peers for future collaborations.


What do the thematic axes consist of?

The energy development currently (and in the future) shows challenges associated to the diversification of its sources to assure a reliable provision to societies under sustainability conditions; to assure access to social sectors with a low income; and to assure its reasonable and efficient use in all sectors. Within this context, the International Congress EXPOIngeniería 2022 is a good chance to disclose research results, innovations, research agendas, and technological development on the topic.


  • Conventional sources of energy
  • Solar energy, eolic, geothermic 
  • Green and blue hydrogen
  • Waste to energy
  • Wave energy
  • Biomass
  • Energy efficiency and quality
  • Materials for generation and storage
  • Energy transport and distribution
  • Energetic sustainability in transportation
  • Smart networks

The rapid growth of the population and the permanent increase of demand for energy, communication, food, drinkable water, sanitation systems, health, and housing are only some of the challenges that, in a short-, medium-, and long-term engineering should face proposing clever and creative solutions and always tending towards a respectful use of the available resources as a way of assuring the sustainable development of communities.


  • Transportation
  • Telecommunications
  • Irrigation, sanitary, and housing systems
  • Healthcare systems
  • Structural materials
  • Coatings
  • Degradation of materials
  • Urbanistic processes
  • River and coastal infrastructure

There is not a known space of human activities where 4.0 technologies have no impacts -positive or negative-. This encounter at the International Congress EXPOIngeniería 2022 will help us approach such future foreseen full of challenges, in which engineering will be required to help society with its capacity to beneficially and sustainably assimilate life of all inhabitants.


  • Internet of things
  • Big data
  • Cloud, fog and Edge Computing
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Cybersecurity
  • Smart cities
  • Future internet
  • Automatización
  • Blockchain
  • Nanotechnology
  • Quantum computing
  • Architecture and parallel computing
  • Cyber-physics and embedded systems

Engineering for live is intended to offer biophysical conditions to harmonize life in our planet with productive processes and sustainable development. It also tries to resolve problems of society associated to the demand for clean energy, conservation of natural resources, and challenges of access to hygiene and basic sanitation in rural regions in order to mitigate the effects of pollution caused by plastic and other emerging materials and to successfully face the harmful consequences of climate change. Contributions of this dimension will help day-by-day to reach an increasingly equitable society that can be in harmony with all life forms in our planet.


  • Climate change
  • Population growth
  • Socio-environmental sustainability: green chemistry and life cycle analysis
  • Engineering for health
  • Sustainable territories
  • Biodiversity and deforestation
  • Diagnosis and treatment of the environment

Important Dates


Paper submission deadline:

August 08, 2022



August 26, 2022

Submission of corrected paper versions:

September 09, 2022


Notification to authors of the scientific committee decision:

September 24, 2022

Publication of the proceedings:

October 24 - 27, de 2022


October 27 to 29 de 2022


Medellin is a Colombian Municipality, capital city of the State of Antioquia. It is the most populated city of Antioquia and the second most populated city of the country. It is settled in the widest part of the natural region known as “Valle de Aburrá” at Andes central cordillera and is the most important urban center of such Andean range of mountain. It extends on both sides of Medellin river (also known as “Aburrá” river), which crosses the city from south to north; Medellin is the main core of the Metropolitan Area of “Valle de Aburrá.” The city has a population of 2,533,424 inhabitants (2020), a number which grows up to 4,055,296 inhabitants if the Metropolitan Area is included (2020).


6° 14’ 41” N
75° 34’ 29” O


Templado, 22 °C (promedio)


Media: 1495 msnm


382 km2


Peso colombiano (COP)

How to get there?

There are two airports in Medellin: One is called “Enrique Olaya Herrera” (EOH), mainly used for regional or domestic flights; and “José María Córdova” (MDE), specifically used for international flights; airport to which most travelers arrive in the city. In the case of EOH airport, it is located close to Medellin Southern Bus Terminal, about 10 minutes away from El Poblado, a zone situated in the center and mandatory pass for all travelers wishing to know one of the most welcoming and entertaining places in the city.

The MDE airport, also known as Rionegro Airport (since it is located at a municipality bearing the same name) is at the outskirts of the city, between 24.4 and 36.6 kilometers away, depending on the road you choose to go to the airport. Private or public transportation (cabs and buses) can be taken to arrive to or leave the MDE airport.

For participants who are going to perform presentations (orally or poster), registration fees will be the following:

• Early payment registration: USD 75.00, until September 30.
• Full registration: USD 100.00, from October 1 to October 20.

For people attending EXPOIngenieria 2022, who will not perform presentations in the International Congress, entry will be free but access will depend on the capacity of the event site.

Call of papers

People interested can submit their papers in order to be considered for oral presentation (in person or virtually) or poster. The character of the research can be, but is not limited to, practical, analytical, theoretical, or experimental. All the submissions will be pair reviewed and published in the proceedings of the congress. Papers should be submitted in English using the Extended Abstract Template. Also, posters and slides to be presented in the congress should be in English. Presentations can be performed in English or Spanish, in person or virtually. Additionally, authors can submit their full papers to our Allied Journals to be considered for publication in the special numbers of the International Congress EXPOIngeniería 2022.


Scientific Committee

Aida Luz Villa Colombia Universidad de Antioquia
Ainhoa Rubio Clemente Colombia Universidad de Antioquia
Ana María Cárdenas Colombia Universidad de Antioquia
Ana María Pérez Ceballos Colombia Universidad Industrial de Santander
Ángela Rendón Colombia Universidad de Antioquia
Augusto Salazar Colombia Universidad de Antioquia
Carlos Augusto Serna Giraldo Brazil Universidade Regional da Bahia UNIRB
Carlos Mendoza Cárdenas USA University of Delaware
Carlos Palacio Colombia Universidad de Antioquia
Carlos Rivero Colombia Universidad de Antioquia
Celia Malfatti Brazil Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
Claudia Patricia Serna Giraldo Colombia Universidad de Antioquia
Daniel Estiben Ramírez Zora Colombia Universidad de Antioquia
Danny Alexandro Múnera Colombia Universidad de Antioquia
Diana Catalina Rodríguez Colombia Universidad de Antioquia
Edwin Chica Colombia Universidad de Antioquia
Fernando Juan Beltran Novillo Spain Universidad de Extremadura
Gianpaolo Vitale Italia Universidad de Palermo
Gustavo Antonio Peñuela Colombia Universidad de Antioquia
Henry Colorado Colombia Universidad de Antioquia
Javier Rivero Colombia Universidad de Antioquia
Jhon Fredy Vélez Jaramillo Spain Centro Tecnológico Cartif
John Ramiro Agudelo Santamaría Colombia Universidad de Antioquia
Juan Claudio Nino USA University of Florida
Juan Guillermo Villegas Colombia Universidad de Antioquia
Juan Marcelo Rojas Arango Colombia Universidad de Antioquia
Juan Sebastian Botero Colombia Instituto Tecnologico Metropolitano, ITM
Juliana Uribe Colombia Universidad de Antioquia
Lina Berrouet Colombia Universidad de Antioquia
Luis Alejandro Fletscher Colombia Universidad de Antioquia
María Esperanza López Gómez Colombia Universidad de Antioquia
María Teresa Hernandez Spain Ministerio para la Transición Ecológica y Reto Demográfico
Maryory Astrid Gómez Colombia Universidad de Antioquia
Melissa Barrera Durango Colombia Universidad de Antioquia
Nataly Carolina Rosero Navarro Spain/Japan Instituto de cerámica y vidrio/Hokkaido University
Néstor Aguirre Colombia Universidad de Antioquia
Nuria Vela de Oro Spain Universidad Católica de Murcia
Pablo Andres Maya Colombia Universidad de Antioquia
Rafael Orozco Colombia Universidad de Antioquia
Raquel Lebrero Fernandez Spain Universidad de Valladolid
Valeria Chávez Cerón Mexico UNAM


General Committee

Jesús Francisco Vargas Bonilla Dean, Engineering School, Universidad de Antioquia
Luz Marina Carvajal Cardona EXPOIngeniería Director
 Mauricio Andrés Correa CESET Director
Víctor Hugo Zapata Madrigal Representative of “Plaza Mayor”
Juan Esteban Taborda Grisales Representative of “IMAGRUP”
Víctor Manuel Gámez Fonseca Representative de “CPM Logística”
Lina Herrera Moncada
Communicator International Congress EXPOEngineering

Academic Committee

Sergio Cipriano Agudelo Vice-Dean, Engineering School, Universidad de Antioquia
Andrés Mauricio Correa CESET Director
Luz Marina Carvajal Cardona EXPOIngeniería Director
Lina Marína Herrera Moncada Communicator International Congress EXPOEngineering  
Ricardo Emilio Aristizábal Sierra Scientific Committee Coordinator
Sara Cristina Vieira Agudelo Research Director, Engineering School, Universidad de Antioquia
Maryory Astrid Gómez Director, “Facultad de Ingeniería UdeA” Journal. Professor, Researcher
Astrid Marcela Mira Hincapié Coordinator, Continuing Education and Events
Andrea Rodríguez Sánchez EXPOIngeniería support

Allied Journals

Journal Edited Editor Contact
Revista EIA Universidad EIA Ricardo Restrepo
Tecnológicas ITM de Medellín


Adolfo Escobar Ordóñez
DYNA Universidad Nacional

Pedro Nel Benjumea

Héctor Mario Maya Sánchez (colaborador)



Revista Ingenierías Universidad de Medellín Universidad de Medellín Fredy López Pérez
Revista Facultad de Ingeniería (Redin) Universidad de Antioquia Maryory Astrid Gómez Botero

Revista Colombiana de Materiales Universidad de Antioquia Fabio Vargas Galvis, Iván David Franco  


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Who is organizing the Congress?

The Congress is part of the event “EXPOIngeniería 2022” to be organized by the Engineering School of Universidad de Antioquia, with the collaboration of three sponsors: Cpm Logística, ImaGroup, and Plaza Mayor.

Where will the Congress be held?

The Congress will be held at the Green Pavilion of “Plaza Mayor” in Medellin City (Colombia).

When will the Congress be held?

The Congress will be held in October 27 (Thursday), October 28 (Friday), and October 29 (Saturday), 2022.

How much is the registration?

It is a free event for the attendants not presenting works of posters. Registration fee for lecturers is USD$ 75, before September 30; and USD$ 100 from September 30 on. El costo de inscripción para los expositores es de U$75 hasta antes del 30 de septiembre, y de U$100 del 30 de septiembre en adelante.

Which are the registration requirements?

Please complete the form here.

Who can participate in the Congress?

It is an event open for the whole community being interested in updating their engineering knowledge.

Is any certificate of attendance awarded?

Yes, relevant certificates of attendance will be issued upon completion of the Congress to people who had performed oral or poster presentations.

What is the paper submission deadline?

Papers can be submitted in the extended abstract format until August 08, 2022, trough the EasyChair plataform.

In which language should the abstracts and articles be presented?

Abstracts and articles should be presented in English. Slides and posters should be also in English. Oral presentations can be performed either in English or Spanish.

How long will the congress schedule be available?

The first draft of the schedule will be made available for about one month before the starting date. If your article has been accepted, your presentation will be included in the schedule of such draft.